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My name is Mira. I'm a retired nurse. At present I take care of my home. In my free time I like reading books very much. My favorite authors are Maria Nurowska, Małgorzata Gutowska-Adamczyk, Harlan Coben. I like to spend time at needlework - sewing and crocheting. My husband and I like going to the cinema and theatre. My favorite actor is Sean Connery. I hate violence in life, books and movies. I'm a shy and very calm person.


My childhood

1. As a child I was tall and plump.

2. Mostly I had short blond hair.

3. In high school I had shoulder - length hair and I ironed them with an iron to make them straight.

4. As a child I had dimples and radiant complexion.

5. As a child I danced in the House of Culture.

6. As a teenager I was fit and I did skiing professionally.

7. I trained skiing in the Interschool Sports Club.

8. In the club we also excercised on the gym, swam and played tennis.

9. I played volleyball and handball in the representation of primary and secondary school.

10. My favourite subject was maths because we had a good teacher and I belonged to the mathematics and geometry team.

11. My favourite hero was Lilka from the novel "Słoneczniki" ("Sunflowers") by Halina Snopkiewicz and also my favourite heroes were Bolek&Lolek from a cartoon directed by Władysław Nehrebecki.

12. I studied Computer Programming in the Economics College.

13. When I was 20 years old I began sailing and so I met my husband. 

Kózka ME

As a child...

I was the last born girl in my family.

I was a very pretty girl.

My hair was blonde. I had my hair in two braids. 

My complexion was healthy and tanned. 

I was a slim girl.

I was a very cheerful baby.

When I was a teenager my hair was blond/green and very short.

My complexion was tanned.

I had rosy cheeks and false eyelashes. I wore a very short skirt or a dress.



This year I am spending holidays at home. 

I will paint the windows and help with home repairs. But not just work! Last Saturday I was with my husband on a trip to Pieniny.

The weather we had was great. We sailed a raft on the river Dunajec. Amazing views! Also, we visited the castle in Niedzica.

Two weeks ago we were in Wrocław. We visited the ZOO and the city square and we watched Panarama Racławicka and the dancing fountains.

I'm pleased with these trips. What do you plan for this summer vacation?



Dear Mum

I am on a holiday in Croatia. I have a great weather. At the beginning of the week it was warm and sunny. My friends and I were on the beach. We sunbathed and swam in the sea. We drank a lot of water and we ate ice - cream, which was delicious. We sailed by boat on the fish - picnic. Later we had a bad weather, it was rainy and windy. We didn't go to the beach and didn't go for a trip. We had fun in the pub but we drank too much beer. Since yesterday we have had a nice weather again.

I am coming back next week.

Best wishes,


Crumbs from the master’s table

Yesterday my friends visited me. The older we get, the sooner during the day we meet.

I invited them for the green breakfast.

The meeting took place on the green grass, and of course on a green tablecloth.

I served plaited sausages in puff pastry coloured with green spinach. Unfortunately, at the time of baking
they went black, but I saved the green color with parsley.

As extra, I did the delicious green salad with: cucumber, green peppers, lettuce, chives and the Knorr sauce. For the dessert I baked green cake and I served it with coffee with egg ligueur.

Fruits did not maintained the green tone, because they were from my garden; apples were yellow-red, grapes were dark blue and raspberries were red.

We were talking about children and it turned out that my granddaughter and my friend’s grandson go to the same high school and they are in the same class.

My friends really enjoyed the green party and the meeting passed in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

I am sending the picture under the title „Okruchy z pańskiego stołu” in enclosure.

(Crumbs from the master’s table)

Kózka ME

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Postcard from yesterday

I am now after the hospital operation and I was removing stitches yesterday. The exertion was painless, but still unpleasant, although the doctor was very kind and gentle. After the hospital visit I went to my oldest grand-daughter Maja, who was helping me with the English homework. In the afternoon came grandmother Mery with her blueberries and we did dumplings together. After her daughter's and son's in law return from work we met to drink coffee and enjoyed each other's company.



Yesterday I was with my friend on a trip in the mountains to hike in the forest and to pick blueberries. We had a good weather, it was very sunny and warm. We had beautiful views at the mountains. 

I returned home to do jam and liquer with blueberries.



Flowers of the Steppe

"Flowers of the steppe" is a novel and a biography: a diary from an exile. The book is about love that connects families that are like one organism. In the title itself the book confronts stereotypes. The novel brings up christian values in relation to survival, such as mercy and sympathy. It is about perserverance in realization in order to determine objectives. Finally, the book empathically expresses gratitude: we can go further as a hero thanks to good people and their advice on our road.

I recommend to read this book.


Another post card from a holiday

Dear friends,

We are having a great time during our holidays sailing the Mazurian lakes. We have a lovely weather. It is warm and sunny. Sometimes it gets even too hot. Yesterday we sailed the Sapina river. We sailed into her from Święcajty lake. This river is very marvelous, especially the segment connecting the Stręgiel lake with Pozezdrze lake. The shores are wooded and all vegetation is reflected in the mirror of water, creating a fabolous space. Mazurian wealth is also fish. We eat a lot of fish here that we buy at fish farms. The assortment of fresh fish is very rich and the prices are low. 

Hope you have a great time too!

Best wishes,

Ewa & Zdzisław

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PS. I am sending you a fabulous image of the Sapina river in enclosure.


We are on a holiday by our polish sea. We have a bad weather. It is windy and rainy. The water in the sea is freezing. Yesterday we went sightseeing to the old town. We bought souvenirs with amber. In the evening we were at a restaurant and we had delicious food and drank good wine. We are coming back on Saturday.

See you.

Anna and Asia

What I did yesterday

Yesterday I woke up at 7 o'clock. I ate breakfast at 8 o'clock, then I washed the windows and hoovered all rooms. I cooked dinner and in the afternoon I watched TV and I read a book. I went to sleep at midnight.

grandmother 66

Post card from a holiday


We were on a holiday in Italy in Sorrento. We lived in a hotel by the sea. We had a beautiful weather. It was very hot and sunny. We sunbathed on the beach and we swam in the Tyrrhenian sea. We went for a trip by bus to Pompeii. Pompeii was an ancient city destroyed by volcano Vesuvius. We visited also Rome and Assisi. We made a lot of photos. It was a very interesting holiday.

Best wishes and see you soon.

Anna and Asia

From Ustronie Morskie

For Mrs Ola from the Public Library in Kozy, a lecturer of English for seniors.

Greetings from a beautiful and clean seaside beach in Ustronie Morskie.

The weather is beautiful and we are in a very good mood.

See you in Kozy!

66 plus

Mail from Spain

My dear friends

Best wishes from Spain. I am on a holiday in Barcelona. Barcelona is the capital of Katalonia. I have a lovely weather. Sometimes it is very hot. Yesterday I was on Costa Brava. I saw beautiful views of the sea there. Then I was on the Bodega where I drank wine and I ate local food. Tomorrow I will go to Montsserrat where is a monastery. This is a place of religious cult. I am back in a week. See you later on our English classes.

Your grandmother 66

My favourite novel

My favourite novel is "W Pustyni i w Puszczy" ("In Desert and Wilderness") by Henryk Sienkiewicz. The Polish author describes children: a Polish boy Staś (14 years old) and an English girl Nel (8 years old). Children of the engineers who build the Suez Canal are kidnapped for ransom. The book is about their journey through a desert in Sudan and their hard travel to their fathers. It is a thriller with some terrible scenes but also an interesting adventure story. In my opinion this book is very engaging. I recommend this book very much.


I recommend a book "How to design a garden of dreams"

My favourite book is "How to design a garden of dreams" By Danuta Młoźniak. Danuta Młoźniak is a polish designer of gardens from Komorowo near Warsaw. Her private garden is one of the hundred most beautiful gardens in the world (in a book by Emmy Reuss "Garden Design Close Up 2014").

The author in her book gives many tips, tricks and advice for gardeners, for example: how to make a garden, how to use flowers and how to select colours. There are also beautiful photographs and pictures of English gardens and exhibitions of Chelsea Flower.

I recommend this book (not only to gardeners!) very much.


My interesting book

My favourite novel is a family saga by Sarah Lark. It has five parts. This saga is about citizens of New Zealand. The autor herself spent years travelling as a quide. The novel describes the beautiful scenery and life of the local population. I recommend this book very much. It is very interesting and engaging.

Babcia 66

Let's talk about books...

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My favourite book is "Thus spoke Zarathustra" by a German author of Polish origin, Friedrich Nietzsche. It is a philosophical novel in four parts about a wise man (historically, Zarathustra was a founder of Zoroastrianism) who travels around the world. The book is engaging and interesting. Sometimes it is sad and sometimes it's cheerful. In my opinion it has a happy ending. I recommend it very much!


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