English for everyone

Irregular verbs, beer and orchids

Yesterday was Wednesday.
Yesterday I got up early and learnt English.
I worked under stress because we had a very difficult lesson. I don't like working under stress.
Then we went with my wife to the Czeczów Palace on foot. Yesterday was a very nice weather.
Going to the lesson we were still repeating English words.
Every student was present at the lesson.
The teacher taught us a new Past Simple tense. This is the hardest tense. Ola told us that the most difficult to learn are irregular verbs.
At the end of the lesson, the teacher gave us a lot of homework.
After the lesson, tired but happy, we went for a beer. Mira told about her orchids and Teresa was telling dirty jokes.
I ate a huge cake.
On the way home we made shopping at the grocer's. We buy more things in a small shop than in a supermarket.
Last night I dreamed irregular verbs.


What about tomorrow?

Tomorrow after the morning toilet I will eat breakfast, then I will go shopping and I will visit friends. I will come back home and I will prepare dinner and, when I eat it, I will go to the garden to mow the grass. During breaks I will drink coffee and I will pick out weeds from between the flowers. Then I will take a shower and I will go to the ASOS meeting. When I come back, I will check the e-mail and I will go to sleep. Before sleep, I will watch TV.


What did you do yestarday?

I had a very hardworking day yesterday. I woke up early in the morning, I walked a dog and I went shopping. Later I made a breakfast for my wife and me. After the breakfast I washed the dishes and I made up my mind to clean the house. I washed the windows , hoovered, dusted. I can’t cook so my wife cooked the dinner. We ate the dinner at 1p.m. o’clock. After the dinner I went to play with my grandchildren on the playground. In the morning I watched TV , I read the book and I did English homework. I went to sleep about 11 p.m.

Best wishes P.M.

What's with the weather?!

Here's an entry of one of our English classes student, from the beginning of this spring. Has the weather changed much since then? What do you think? Let us know!

Beautiful winter we have of this spring! The landscape is winter-like. It's snowing. It is cold and unpleasant. Spring flowers have already shyly appeared, trees have already had leaves, even beautiful butterflies appeared. That's all covered by white snow. I hope it will quickly pass and beautiful spring will come back. Warm and sunny days will come back and again it will be colourful.

Desired spring

We have the desired spring. It is beautiful, green and colourful from blooming flowers. Birds sing loudly and cheerfully. Days are long and bright although still cold. We are waiting impatiently for warm weather.

Easter holidays were cold. An unpleasant cold wind blew and sometimes snowflakes were falling. Despite the terrible weather I went for a short and fast walk to the forest.

My daughter Monika got a small, crazy mongrel. He is amazing, cosy and adorable. My grandchildren are happy to have him. He is ridiculous and polite but sometimes he is angry and bites everyone. He will grow up to be a great and friendly dog.


Pleasant memories

1. It was a casual day. I was to pass a difficult exam. I wore a tidy white blouse with an adorable, small collar, dark skirt, a waistcoat and shoes. The exam turned out to be easy. I came back home happy.

2. It was chilly, wet and unpleasant. I saw a small, beautiful and colourful bird in the garden. It was sitting on a tree and sang amazingly loud. Right away he made this terrible day wonderful and happy.

3. I always impatiently wait for Easter. Everything wakes up to life: green grass, kids, first spring flowers. Days are longer, the world is beautiful. Drinking tea, eating cakes together is domestic to Easter tradition. We sit with our family in an enjoyable, friendly and nice atmosphere.


Give me more stories!

Everyone likes a good story! You can write about anyone and anything, inspired by reality or your own imagination. Please send your stories to Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. or, if you take part in our library English course, bring it over to the class. Cheers!


Some stories in English...


An older handsome man ordered a duck with apples at the restaurant. He waited long and patiently for this duck. The dish was delicious and tasty but unfortunately expensive. Anyway, the gentleman was pleased and happy.


In the park in front of the Czeczów Palace grows a huge tree. It is high and wide and has an amazing bark. This is a beautiful old plane tree (platanus). This is the pride of our village and THE TREE OF YEAR 2012. It is over two hundred years old.


My adorable granddaughter is a little girl. She lives in a small, cosy room. There are colourful booklets and a lot of different toys. She likes to draw and paint. She is loud but polite and nice.


The weather lately is terrible. It rains all the time, it is wet and cold. Dark and heavy clouds cover the sky. It is really unpleasant.


Birch - a tree that heals

This in one of the most beautiful Polish trees. For the Slavs it was sacred. Its great treasures, the birch gives to us in the early spring. 

Birch juice is collected in March before the tree buds begin to appear. In the juice are natural sugars, organic acids, mineral salts, amino acids, peptides, vitamins C and B. It strenghtens the body, regulates metabolism, detoxifies and supports cardiovascular treatment, nourishes the hair and whitens freckles. 

We should drink the juice now 1/2 - 2 cups in the morning and evening for 15 - 20 days. It can be repeated every year.

At this time we resign from: black tea, cofee, alcohol, spinach, chocolate, sorrel.


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Thank you very much for this precious Slavic knowledge! It is the most wonderful gift to all of us :-) I have collected the birch juice this year and I can confirm its healing qualities. See you at the lesson!


My name and other things

My name is Zofia.
I have lived in Kozy since I was born.
I have a son Michał and a daughter Magdalena.
Recently I became a grandmother. My granddaughter Julia is 5 months. I am very happy. This is my son's daughter.
I am an outgoing person.
I meet with my friends. We go to the Cinema or to the theatre. Then we go to the café for coffee and cake.
Sometimes we take a trip.
I have learnt English since November 2015. My daughter has lived in England for two years.
When I fly to her with a visit, I will be able to communicate easily.
It is getting warm. The spring is coming. I like gardening. I'm going to start cleaning my garden. My husband bought a greenhouse. We have to build it in the garden. I am going to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and spinach. We will have organic vegetables.
I like flowers very much. I have them in my garden and at home. At home I have a lot of orchids. I care about them and I am glad when they bloom all the time.


Another "hello" :)

My name is Barbara.
I was born in Bielsko - Biała. I'm from Straconka.
I got married in 1976 and I have lived in Kozy for 40 years. I have two daughters and one son. I also have three grandsons and one granddaughter.
Since last year I have learnt the English language.
I like to read newspapers. My favourite colour is black and grey.
I listen to the radio and watch ski-jumping and nature films.
I like to travel. Every year my husband and I always go somewhere for 2 or 3 trips.
This year I'm retiring.
I look forward to spring and warm summer.



I am waiting for spring. It is my favourite season. Everything is coming back to life. Flowers are blooming. Birds are singing. Grass is turning green. The sun is shining. I am happy in spring!


Something about myself.

My name is Anna. I was born in Kozy and I have lived in Kozy my whole life. I do not work professionaly because I'm already retired. Now, I have a lot of time and I can do what I want and what I like.

I like to watch romantic movies, crime movies and action films. I also like nature films with different animals, plants and flowers. I don't like to watch horror movies. Later I am scared. I like films with a happy ending.

When I was young I liked gymnastics and I liked to ride on skates. Now, I like to watch sport on TV. I enjoy athletics, ski jumping, figure skating. My favourite athletes are Kamil Stoch, Piotr Żyła and Maciej Kot.

My passion is also my garden. I love to stay in it, to plant flowers and to enjoy the singing of birds. It is nice to sit in the garden and read an interesting book. Now, I am waiting for the first signs of spring.


Something about the lessons...


My name is Mieczysław. I am fifty eight years old. In september I have made up my mind to learn the English language.

Before the start of the inauguration of the English course I thought that for a young person, who will be a teacher,  it is impossible to teach old people. I was wrong.

Our teacher Ola is leading English lessons professionaly and with nice atmosphere. When we don't understand something she patiently explains.


Something about my life...

My name is Krystyna. I was born on 19.02.1950 in Bielsko Biała. Now I live in Kozy.
I finished an average school of economics. I worked in the car industry in FSO as the accountant. I did the payrolls. I have been retired from 2003. Now I have a lot of time. I like to read books. Now I read book by Stefan Nowak, which is talking about girls from the Home Army. This is very intersting. I recommend. I was a listener of the University of the Third Age. I will still come back thereNow I learn Engilish at the library in Kozy. Our lector is a very nice lady.  I have six gradchildren. With them I also spend my free time.

Grandmother 66

What do you do in your free time?


I'm Barbara. This year I'm retiring but now I work. After work I like to relax and read newspapers. I listen to the radio RMF FM because it plays the song I like. My favourite band has always been the Queen. I always watch ski jumping and I support Polish jumpers. I like nature films and detective stories. Retired I will have more time for walks with my grandchildren and my dog.



Hello! We have just received a great recepe for vegetable soup from Ms J. Ś. If anybody else would like to share his favourite food ideas, please write (in English!) to Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. Your recepe will be published on our blog! 


Plans for the day

I will cook vegetable soup for dinner. Into the pot I will pour water and put diced vegetables such as celery, parsley, carrot, chopped onions, green peas, cauliflower, seasonings, salt and pepper. I will cook it just for a moment, add some cream and the soup is ready. 


How about work?

I don't work professionally, I'm retired. Every day of the week I have planned. Every day in the morning I clean the house. I make dinner for my husband and for myself and we eat together as my husband returns from work.
On Wednesday at 11 o'clock I go to an English lesson. I like the English lessons very much.
On Thursday I make laundry.
On Friday afternoon I go shopping for the week.
On the weekend my husband and I spend time together. Sometimes our son arrives with his wife from Katowice and we spend time together. I like to spend time with my family very much.



Who are you?

I'm Teresa. I'm a very sociable person but I spend a lot of time at home. I read many books, listen to the music, in the evening I watch TV. In the Summer I care for the garden. When I go out, I meet my friends. Sometimes we walk in the mountains or we do nordic walking. Also, I am in the team of song and dance. Besides, I'm learning English. You could say that I'm fifty-fifty an active and a shy person.


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