Is Poland a good holiday destination?

  • Drukuj

Children, students, working and not (eg pensioners, housewives) - everyone is waiting for holidays. New possibilities are opening up. Travel agencies tempt with their offers and everybody tries to adapt to them according to their financial capabilities. Getting to know the cultures of other countries can be interesting on condition that the holidays are not only spent on sunbathing. Meanwhile, Poland has everything: the sea with more iodine than the South of Europe, mountains favourable for hiking, lakes for swimming and sailing, gardens with fruit and vegetables and a lot of cultural monuments to visit. Everyone who goes abroad boasts about where they were and what they saw and this is usually "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence" attitude.
Poland is a beautiful country and it's worth getting to know. I love holidays spent here because..."here is my place and here is my home"!