What have I been up to?

Recently I have been in the theatre in Bielsko-Biała two times. I watched a play titled "Boeing Boeing". It was a funny story about a young man and his three fiancees who are stewardesses of three different airlines. Unexpected change of the flight schedule spoils the carefree life of the hero of the play.
The second theatre play titled "Pomoc domowa" ("Home help") is a continuation of the performance "Boeing Boeing". It was also great fun. I laughed a lot and loudly, and enjoyed it. I am going to go to the theatre on the 6th of May again for the play "Kogut w rosole" ("Rooster in chicken soup" or "Rooster in broth").
I also saw a goog film entitled "Game of Thrones" based on the fantasy novels by George RR Martin "Songs of ice and fire". This is a story about the battle for a throne of the seven kingdoms in the land of Westeros.
I also watched World Figure Skating Championship in Milano last week. I really like to watch such sports. It gives me pleasure.
I have revised English that we learnt on English lessons in the library. It is a pity that my memory fails. I have read the website of our library and blog posts "English for everyone". I tried to read and translate short stories on the Internet such as Learn English Through Story: "Swan Lake", "Beauty and the Beast".
I would like to thank you, Mrs Ola, for your time, commitment, patience and professionalism. Two and a half years ago I could not say any word in English. Now I am not "so green" anymore(as we say in Poland).
Thank you very much!



Thanks very much for such a lovely post (and for the kind words as well!). I was also very happy to teach your group and I am looking forward to seeing you again! :-)



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