A miracle!

  • Drukuj

Once upon a time I was born in Czaniec in a poor family. On the way back from school my classmates bought orangeade and buns. I envied them orangeade and buns but I never had money (orangeade cost 1 zloty and 60 gr., a bun cost 50 gr.). One day, when I went to school, miracles occured. I found 20 gr. and I went to the nearby wayside shrine to pray for it. When I went farther I found another coins: 20 gr., 50 gr., 1 zloty, 2 zloty, 5 zloty (with a fisherman). In total I had about 10 zloty. I was happy because I could buy a bun with orangeade for a week. Somebody might say - it was a coincidence but for me it's a miracle. The recondition wayside shrine stands at that place to the present day.

Best wishes