Departure to sanatorium

  • Drukuj

Ania and I had been in Rabka sanatorium since the 8th of November.
Rabka-Zdrój is a well known health resort for adults and children.
The city is beautifully located in the middle of the mountains. The spa park is a unique place in Rabka-Zdrój. There is a brine graduation tower and a lot of interesting trees and plants in the spa.
This is a great place to stroll around and to relax in a pleasant environment.
We lived in a large sanatorium: Silesian Rehabilitation Center. We had many treatments. We went to the swimming pool every day and we swam a lot.
We often went to the spa park to practice nordic walking.
On Sunday we went for a trip to Maciejowe mountain. At the top there is a nice mountain shelter. We ate delicious cheesecake with hot chocolate.
We were also on trips in Zakopane and Nowy Targ.
It was a very good holiday.
We will wait for the next trip.