Cows, handball, choir, technical studies...and more :-)

  • Drukuj

I was born in Paczków. I don't remember my birthday because it was long ago. I had four brothers and one sister. We all lived in the countryside (village). When I was a little kid I had my nose up, big and ugly freckles and a high forehead. Besides, I had long braided brown hair. I attended a primary school in my village. In my spare time I was fishing in the river and played football with my brothers, I helped my parants in the field work and I pastured cows. I sang in the school choir and played handball in the district league. Although I was skinny and ugly, I had a happy childhood. The I attended the Construction Technical School in Kędzierzyn-Koźle, where I lived in a boarding house. When I graduated, I started studying at Silesian Technical University in Gliwice. After the graduation I got married and moved to Bielsko-Biała. I worked there, I had three children there and in 2007 I moved to Kozy. Currently I am a pensioner and I live alone. Is it happy? ... Yes and no!...