One more life story!

  • Drukuj

I was born in Sosnowiec. I grew up in this town and I went to the elementary school there. After, I studied at the Medical School the profession of a nurse.
I was a thin child and I was taller than my peers. I had long blonde hair. My mom did braids for me. I was very shy and I did not have many friends. Where I lived, there was a lot of children. We all had fun together. We played volleyball, badminton and lots of other sports. I liked to cycle. I liked to go to school, but I enjoyed the holidays very much. My favourite subject in the elementary school was Physics because I liked the teacher. She always very interestingly explained the physical phenomena. I did not have such a teacher anymore.
In the medical school I liked the profession subject and practiced in the hospital. In my free time I read books, sometimes with my friend we went to the cinema or the pool. My favourite hero was Staƛ Tarkowski from the novel of Henryk Sienkiewicz "In desert and wilderness".
I do not like to write about myself in Polish and English.