On the rainy day... memories form a holiday :-)

Hi! In September I had days off work so my wife and I went to the sea to the health resort Dąbki. On sunny and sizzling days we went to the beach to sunbathe. We swam in the sea and we went for a walk to a sea strand. On the cloudy days we went to sightsee nearby towns and ports. In Darłowo we explored the market place with beautiful fountain, pomeranian princes' castle and church where is buried the last Baltic Viking, king of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Pomerania, prince-Eryk I. Later we went to Darłówko.There is a harbour with a mobile bridge and the lighthouse. After several sizzling days which we spent on the beach, we went to Ustka. There is a lightouse, a mobile bridge and the harbour. We swam forty-minutes cruise at the sea. In Jarosławiec there is a high and beautiful lighthouse. To get upstairs we had to ovearbear 122 steps. In the evenings we went to the pub to eat fish, to drink one's fill of beer and we went above nearby lake for a dance.My wife and I spent the holiday time nice and pleasantly.

Best wishes M P


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