Musso, Wodecki, theatre and other wonderful people and places

I washed the dishes yesterday because the dishwasher broke down.
I went for a trip with my friend to Kraków and it was very nice.
On Wednesday I read Musso's "Girl on Paper" and loved it.
I listened to Zbigniew Wodecki on the radio. I'm very sad that he left.
I visited my friend on Monday and we went for a walk. Then, we played with her granddaughter. We didn't meet on Sunday because R. looked after her mother.
My husband was on a walk with the dog. I stayed home and cooked dinner and then baked the cake.
In the afternoon my husband and I cleaned the house. I washed the windows.
Later my husband dusted the furniture and hoovered the floors.
In the evening I sang and danced happily but I didn't go out because I was tired.
My son and his wife didn't come to us. They went to the Cinema and then to the pub and ate spaghetti.
My husband and I went to the theatre in February. Later we walked in the park and talked about a play.



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